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G-BIRD - Resident

My name is G-Bird, and I am an African Grey Parrot. I once was lost and then found by a family with a small child. They were worried I might bite their child, so they donated me to Dr. Stroberg. I have one of the largest vocabularies of any parrot. But, because I am shy, I don’t talk to you when you look at me, but I will when your back is turned! The Frat boys originally thought I was a girl so they named me Gertrude, but once I came to live at Animal Central, they found out I was a boy and they re-named me G-Bird. I love to mimic Dr. Stroberg calling for Onie, one of Dr. Stroberg’s dogs, and sing “Who Let the Birds Out” to the “Who Let the Dogs Out” tune and then bark like a dog! I make a "bonk” noise before I bite anything, or I ring my bell while saying “Good morning” when people enter Animal Central. I’m a great recycler for the clinic since I tear up their old phone books and boxes to help trim my beak down. I’m picky on who I like, so I rarely allow close approach. I eat a variety of things; consisting of Harrison’s Bird Pellets, fruits, and vegetables. I love to dance for treats, especially pepperocinis, since they’re my favorite!

PASTEUR - Resident

I’m an endangered Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. I’m the oldest bird at Animal Central. I originally lived with a young girl and her family, but she grew up and went to college. . They use to feed me lollypops, so now I have a liver issue. While the young girl was away at college, her family donated me to Dr. Stroberg because I was having a lot of medical issues. Since I have a liver issue, I’m on a special diet. Even though I have a liver issue, I’m still a happy bird. I’m constantly whistling and saying “Hello” and singing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” I tend to say “Grandpa” a lot, but no one knows why. I’m quite defensive of my girlfriend “Maggie,” another resident at Animal Central, and my cage, so when I’m cruising around outside my cage, keep your distance. I won’t bite you unless you mess with them. I’ll shake my head yes for a treat and puff my feathers up when I’m unhappy. Hope to see you at Animal Central!

MAGGIE - Resident

I came to Animal Central when I was a teenager because my original owner didn’t want me anymore. They were quite mean to me, always keeping me in a cage in a back room with a towel over me. I wasn’t socialized very well, which is why I am very picky on whom I like. I am always in my cage because if I don’t like you, I will run after you to bite you, but if I like you I’ll sing “How Much is that Doggy in the Window” for you and let you hold me. My boyfriend is Pasteur, another rescue at Animal Central, and I become very distraught when he’s taken away. I’m an endangered Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot. We come from Mexico or Central America and are a very common bird for pets. I love Harrison bird food, veggies, and chewing up boxes to help trim my beak down. I sometimes growl, grunt, and fluff my tail feathers, but only at people I don’t like. I’m always at the front door at Animal Central to greet all our clients, but remember keep your fingers and toes to yourself or I’ll bite them!


DOXY - Kennel Lodging Resident

My full name is Doxycycline, a type of antibiotic that veterinarians use. Dr. Stroberg adopted me from his own kitten adoptions because Dex needed a companion. I came from Craig, CO with all my other brothers and sisters to be adopted out from Animal Central, but because I am so cute, Dr. Stroberg chose me to stay. He’s such a silly guy that he named me after a drug, just like Dex. I’m learning all of Dex’s habits like crawling up peoples’ legs for attention and catching mice. Soon I’ll be just as good as Dex, but not as clumsy as he is. I love to eat, which is why I have such a big belly that the technicians poke at. If you stop in be sure to visit me because I would love to meet you.



Thank you, Onie, for 14 wonderful years!

I’m an old man who was born July 22, 1998. I’ve slowed down in my older years, but my owner, Dr. Stroberg, gives me glucosamine, an anti-inflammatory medication, to help me be spunky and keep up with my brother, Keoki. My full name is Onya Berri, which means “White Ghost” in Aborigine, but my nick name is Onie. I was named after a Koala Bear in San Diego, California. I love to play ball, chew on toys that squeak, play with my dummy, and carry around stuffed animals. My favorite color is red, as seen on my collar. I’m a never ending food pit, so I’m always scrum-aging through any trashcan I can find to make sure there is nothing going to waste, and if there’s nothing there, I’m a good begger.