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We value our clients' experience at Animal Central Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html" href="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html" return="" false;"="" title="Download the free AdobeReader®" target="_blank">Acrobat Reader to view.

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Our Veterinarians

Mongo, one of our Doggy Day Care Kids shows John how to 'ride the board!' On any given day you'll see him riding the halls in his very own skate park and decked out in his bandanna.

My girls love their day care day every week! All I have to do is whisper "wanna go to doggie day care?" and they are both at the door barking. Thanks for giving them awesome care!


Left Leia  Right Bear  Nikitas pups

Thanks to all for taking care of Nikita Najxee Minor. Nikita had a rough time of it and Animal Central was ALWAYS THERE FOR HER! They are the best!

This is the best Vet in the area. He takes great care of your animals and is a real professional. George also supports our community by volunteering and helping in a number of great community improvement organizations.


Photo: YO what is up?! My name is Tanner aka...Mr. Trouble Maker!  I reel you in with my insanely cute face and don't tell the ladies but LOVE to be snuggled by the handlers here at Animal Central! Can not wait to come back and hang with my buddies!

Tanner is everything you just said for sure! You all at the dog care center have really done a great job loving him, and taking care of him - thank you!

(From our facebook post on cutest pics of the day)

Just wanted to let you know that my Boston Terrier loves doggy day care at Animal Central. He literally sprints (dragging me on the other end of the leash) towards the entrance of your building when we get out of the car, and then he bombards the staff with kisses. Whatever it is that my dog does at doggy day care, he has a ball--because he sleeps like a rock afterwards! I appreciate that my best friend enjoys both socialization and exercise at Animal Central. Thanks for all that you do.

This place is amazing. The staff knows exactly who I am and my furbabies are when I call. Dr. Stroberg is very nice and cares a lot about the animals at the clinic. He personally called me when my one puppy, Scooter, was very sick to tell me how he was doing.
(From Facebook Review)

Meet Kayla and Bandit. Bandit was adopted by Kayla only to find out later that he was very sick with Parvo. Kayla came to us seeking help, and Bandit stayed with us for many days and quickly found his way to our hearts. Here he is looking healthy at his wellness check-up after his hospitalization. Another very happy ending indeed!

"I had to put my cat Callie down after 17 years. I can’t thank you enough for the kindness that you showed Callie, as well as myself. I really appreciated you allowing me to make the prearrangements just as you would for any family member. It gave me time with her to say goodbye and grieve while she was still with me. I was so impressed with the extra care that was given to me in the special room while I waited for someone to bring her to me. Extra care and just a few kind words made a world of difference. One of the Techs walked me out to my car afterwards and I appreciated the soft spoken people that I encountered as I went through this very difficult process."

G-bird is our African Grey that Dr. Stroberg adopted many years ago. Meet Gary...He's one of our clients. G-bird gives Gary a very warm reception every time he sees him. As a matter of fact, their bonds run so deep that Gary stops by just to see G-bird!

Animal Central is the best!! I couldn't ask for nicer more compassionate staff!! All to often, at a lot of vets, people are marched in and treated and go, you are left feeling like a number... Not Animal central!! The staff get to know you ...as people! They know my pets by name... From the receptionists, to the techs, to the vets... They sit on the floor and cuddle with my dogs and play with them! My heeler is aggressive at times, she was treated with love and given trust by the staff... My 14 week old puppy was bit by a spider early one morning, I called in at 7:30 and was in right away... Rock was treated like the staffs own dog! And was better in no time. I completely trust them all with my babies!! They always give you options and go over every detail step by step so you are NEVER left with any surprises! I would recommend Animal Central to every pet owner who loves their baby and wants the best care available! ❤️

Lauren C.

"Abby loves coming here to see all her friends and doing arts and crafts (painted puppy paws). The staff is wonderful and caring. Abby loves them as much as they love her. Thanks to all for caring for our "kid!!"

Brian & Laurie - Owners of Abby - Clients of Dr. Stroberg since 2002

"So, when Maggie Mae almost overdosed on Adderall, the staff was amazing. Many tearful eyes in the place. She pulled through, barely, but would not have without the help and support of the staff."

Cody - Owner of Maggie Mae

"Our black lab (Pete) was bitten by a snake a week after moving here from S.C. We were unsure where to go and made a quick decision to try the CRVWC (now Animal Central). Pete received wonderful care during his extended visit and we were happy with our decision. Pete is back home and happy too!. The staff were all very kind and considerate to the fact that we were visiting Pete twice a day during his 4-day stint at the hospital. They were very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us understand the stages of his progress."

Will and Mary - Owners of Pete

"Brownie was brought in after eating over 1000 mg. of Advil. She was only 4 pounds. Thanks to the quick care and experience of the staff, she was saved and was able to go home in a couple of days. We liked the staff, experience, and all the loving care."
Rachel - Owner of Brownie, 10 weeks old