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Posted on 04-28-2015

Your Veterinarian may prescribe a topical medication for a number of reasons. Even though they are not ingested, they are still very important. From flea prevention to antibiotics and everything in between, a medication needs to be applied as directed by the Veterinarian. Typically topical medications are applied pretty easily but there are those special cases that can always present a challenge! Remember topical medications are for external use only, so we want to keep our furry friends from ingesting the medication. Steps for applying topical medications -

  1. Approach your pet in a calm and relaxed manner.
  2. Get a good hold of your pet. If your pet is especially anxious or energetic, you may want to have another person assist you by holding and stabilizing the animal.
  3. Follow the directions given by your Veterinarian. These can be found on the prescription label or packaging.
  4. Most topical medications will need to be massaged into the skin. If the area is red, inflamed, or sore you will need to massage the medication with a more gentle technique.
  5. If your pet tries to lick off the medication you may want to try a distraction. Feeding right before applying the medication or giving them a treat to chew or munch on during application. If this does not work you will likely have to use an e-collar to keep your pet from licking. These can be picked up from your Veterinarian.
  6. REMEMBER: DO NOT bathe for at least 48 hours (2days)
  7. Praise your pet! Reward your pet for great behavior. Positive reinforcement goes a long way!

If you have any questions about applying topical medication to your pet, call Animal Central.

Additional information: http://www.petplace.com/dogs/how-to-apply-topical-meidcation-to-your-dog-2/page1.aspx

Thank you, Dr. George Stroberg, DVM and the Animal Central Staff

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