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Posted on 06-08-2015

Reptiles come from a wide variety of different climates and we need to be sure we provide the right environment for your reptile needs. When you enter a pet store most of the reptiles are homed in temporary environments that may not be ideal for the reptile. It can send out the wrong message that all reptiles require the same things and that is far from true. One must research the specific requirements of your specific reptile. 

Some reptiles come from dry and arid regions while some come from moist tropical environments. This must be taken into consideration when setting up your reptile habitat.

Reptiles are cold blooded and rely on other external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Providing different areas with in the habitat with varying temperatures is incredibly helpful. The preferred temperature for most reptiles is 70-80 degrees F., although, some desert species do require a higher temperature. Arboreal lizards need a branch, this can be positioned that part of the branch is under the light and the other is not. Thus providing a temperature variation for the lizard. The low ambient temperature shouldn't fall below the low end if the reptiles' ideal temperature range, even with the lights out. Under the tank heaters and ceramic heating accessories are helpful in maintaining the proper temperature ranges.

Different animals have very different humidity requirements. Some reptiles, like Chameleons require very specific needs that must be met. Standing water can be introduced as well as spraying the environment with water. While, other species need a very humid moist environment not provided by standing water. There are products available such as a misting fan that delivers a constant source of moisture.

Researching your reptile's needs and requirements are vital to it's health and well being! If you have any questions about your reptiles needs please call us at Animal Central

Thank you,

Dr. George Stroberg and the Animal Central Staff!

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