Pet of the Week!!!!

Pet’s Name: Chewy



Hi, my name is Chewy, and I am a 16 month old New Mexico Indian dog who belongs to the Donaldson-Starr family. My favorite activity is doggy daycare (of course), and I absolutely love my giant tug ball. I came from the hills of New Mexico where we Indian dogs are becoming overpopulated. Puppy Lifeline rescued me, and then the Donaldson-Starr’s adopted me into their pack, which is now seven strong! I love coming to Animal Central to run, bark, dig, and just be myself. Most people would never guess that I really like the security of my crate at night, which sits right outside my parents’ room. Virginia (the alpha female) loves me most, and I really admire all the people at Puppy Lifeline and my family. My favorite non-human buddies are Sandy, Tac, and Einstein. I love going to Bailey, CO with Virginia where I run on the mountain all day with Sandy, and at night I sleep and play with Tac and Einstein, who are cats…I like their tails! My mentor is Sandy and all my doggy friends at Animal Central. My best memory was when I first came home to my family. I am a fun, good natured boy who just wants to play, play, play and be friends with everyone! Wouldn’t you like to come be my friend at Animal Central?






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