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Why does my vet recommend annual blood work for my pet?

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Even in young otherwise apparently healthy pets, blood work may be beneficial to determine a normal baseline for your pet or to provide early detection of underlying health conditions.  Junior Health Profiles are often used to screen for general overall health of organs such as liver and kidneys, and include electrolytes, glucose and a complete […]

Long term medication and blood work for your pet

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Why is it important to have follow-up blood work done for my pet on long term medication?  Depending on the type of medication your best friend has been prescribed, recommendations for frequency of blood work may vary.  Examples include heartworm preventative which is checked annually, while NSAIDS like Rimadyl are checked every 6 months.  Frequency […]

Blood work and your senior pet

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Much like their human companions, our four legged friends benefit from routine blood work to evaluate the condition of vital organs and over all health.  Even in animals which appear to be otherwise healthy, blood work may detect early signs of many health conditions allowing for early treatment and improved prognosis.  In addition blood work […]