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The Hazards of Obesity

Posted by admin on April 3rd, 2012 under Diet, Health ConcernsTags: , , , , ,  • Comments Off

  Human obesity has been an issue that has been on the rise for years and now it seems that pets are along for the ride.  More than half of the dogs and cats in the United States are considered to be obese. Much like in humans, obesity can affect the heart and lungs by […]

Bark if you love doggie day care!

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  In recent years, doggie day care facilities have become increasingly popular as a way to provide dogs with active, supervised exercise and activities while their owners are working or unable to provide the activity their dog needs.  Weather once prevented or decreased exercise for dogs, which can lead to weight gain and obesity; however, […]

Hydrotherapy has gone to the dogs!

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Pooches of all shapes and sizes are now benefitting from the use of hydrotherapy on many different levels.  Conditions such as dysplasia, arthritis, obesity, spinal injuries/diseases, and numerous other ailments are showing vast improvements, in many cases, with the implementation of a hydrotherapy program.  Utilized as a way to speed recovery from injuries or surgery, […]

Why cats should leave “husky” to the dogs – Feline Obesity

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Cat owners and veterinary professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the problem of obesity among our feline friends.  Obesity is a significant health concern and causes vary from medical conditions to dietary or nutritional problems.  Many cats are over fed or fed the wrong type of food for their specific needs.  After a kitten is […]