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We're pleased to offer the following services at Animal Central Veterinary Clinic

Services From Your Veterinarian in Westminster

dog receiving grooming treatment in Westminster, CO

Animal Central strives to provide the most comprehensive veterinary services possible. Your veterinarian in Westminster, Dr. Shaffer or Dr. Stroberg, can provide essential services such as:

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray imaging helps us provide the most accurate diagnoses as quickly as possible -- with minimal radiation exposure for your pet.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can cause allergic dermatitis and spread dangerous diseases, but your pet doesn't have to suffer from them. Let us put your pet on a preventative program to keep these pests away.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm infestations can prove fatal, but they're also preventable. We offer heartworm prevention programs to keep your pet's heart and lungs free of these parasites.

Pet Dental Care

Animal Central is your headquarters for pet dental care. We administer regular dental examinations and teeth cleaning while also treating problems ranging from periodontal disease to oral cancer.


Vaccinations are an easy way to protect your beloved companion against a host of potentially deadly illnesses. Your veterinarian in Westminster can provide core vaccinations, elective vaccinations and booster shots as needed to help pets stay well.

Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy makes it easy for you to order the medications your pet needs, 24 hours a day.

Doggy Day Care

Your dog will love spending the day in our 20,000-square-foot doggy day care facility, complete with indoor/outdoor play areas, gym facilities and a pool.

Cat and Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding facility offers two sizes of kennels, while our feline visitors benefit from having their own quiet, serene lodgings. Your pet will enjoy playtime, naps, healthy meals and snacks; you'll enjoy knowing that your pet has ready access to veterinary care, including emergency treatment if necessary. 

Emergency Care

Trust Animal Central when your pet needs life-saving emergency care. Your Westminster veterinarian can stop bleeding, treat poison or foreign body ingestion, perform emergency surgery, save your pet from heat stroke and administer a number of other critical services.

Pet Surgery

We're highly skilled and experienced at many forms of pet surgery, including spay/neuter surgery, internal surgery, lumpectomy (skin tumor removal) and orthopedic surgery.

Nutritional Pet Food

We offer a full line of nutritional pet food (including nutritional bird food). Our extensive retail selection ensures that all your pets can get the ideal mix of nutrients and ingredients for their specific needs.

Mobile Cardiologist/Orthopedist Services

When your pet can't come to us, we're there for your pet. Your Westminster veterinarian can provide mobile cardiology and orthopedic diagnostics and treatments.


Grooming is an important part of maintaining your pet's health and comfort. We can bathe your pet, perform careful brushing, remove mats, administer stylish haircuts, trim nails and express anal glands.

Schedule Pet Care Services With Your Westminster Veterinarian

Does your pet need any of the services listed above? Call 303-469-7387 today and schedule them with your Westminster veterinarian!